Tag You’re It!

There are many tips and tricks to boost the reach of your post, but by far the easiest and, arguably, the most beneficial way is to TAG people. Who do you tag? Tag people featured in your picture, people relevant to your business and career field, people that have done a great job, people who are looking for information. These tags will send your post 10x further than one with no tags. Tagging allows more people to see your post. Take it a step further. Not only can you simply tag people in your Facebook comments and pictures, you can also use hashtags and cross tag into other social medium like twitter. Remember on Twitter to ad their identity that looks like @name to the comment so they can see your remarks and hopefully retweet.    

Fitted Branding.

This is a drastic example but it gets the point across. - Roses and sewer line. Doesn't sound like it goes together does it? That's because it doesn't. A brand is the outward expression of what the business is made of as a whole. Therefore, the branding needs to fit the business in all visual aspects. All marketing and design needs to reflect appropriate color, style and message. It needs to be readable and consistent across various mediums: t-shirt stitching, signage, business cards, online advertising, vehicle wrap. Thoughtfulness and clean design choices is crucial when creating the perfect logo of a business, it's a direct representation that needs to be right.


Sprinkle on some clean comedy, your audience remembers a good punchline. That's the point of effective marketing! You want your potential customers to recall your business, to try your product, and to do that you have to catch their attention. What better way than giving them something to giggle about. NOTE: Humor has it's place and has to be pulled off charmingly.

We updated our look.

If you have been to Elliott Marketing's website in the past, you will notice we have a new look.  I hope you like the changes. If you need a new website, or are looking for a website change or update, call us, we make it easy.

Update your look.

Sometimes we all get stuck in a rut, yes, even advertising agencies.  So, to fix that we have launched a new website.  I hope you like what you see.

Eat at Joseph’s

Take at look at the new website,  We recently completed it and are working on another for the same owner.  I guess he likes our work as much as we like his food.  Thank you Joe Campos, and when you're in Santa Rosa NM, check out Joseph's Bar and Grill.

New Google Website Info

Surprise, surprise, the top three ranking signals in Google's search ranking algorithm is content, links and RankBrain. Not necessarily in that order, but content and links are more important ranking signals than RankBrain. If none of this makes sense to you, call us at Elliott Marketing to help.  We understand geek. Google RankBrain

New Clovis Business

Clovis Shuttle is a new business in town!  Elliott Marketing was hired by Terry Poynor, the new owner of Clovis Shuttle Service, the new transportation business in town.  We developed a new logo to brand his company and increase consumer awareness.  Our combined social media and website campaign informed the community that they are ready for business.  Click here to see his new site:

Who I admire.

I love listening to successful people that have built great things. It makes me yearn for more. Elon Musk is one of those people I admire. Here is a cool link. Elon Musk

The Smart Block

Elliott Marketing proudly announces its media partnership with The Smart Block, owned by  Martin and Carol VanBeek.  They are the owner of a new block for lame cows and we have just finished a new video that can be found on youtube or view right here! Thank you Martin and Carol for being such great business partners!