Facebook Insight

Have you ever taken of of those FB "tests" that tells you what your Spirit Animal is, or what color is your aura is glowing? Well, I took a personality test that said I was helpful. I didn't jump up in excitement over being labeled helpful, but in reality it was correct. I am helpful. I see a need and try to help. It's what I was taught to do as I grew up - be helpful. And that's what Elliott Marketing does too. We call our company an advertising agency but that is a fance title for being helpful to small businesses. We take the pressure off owners who need help with advertising. My team will help with events, making sure balloons are filled and cakes are delivered. We help with keeping our client's websites up to date and make sure their social media has new posts. As an owner, I need to stay in business so we charge a little to keep our doors open. But from what my current clients say, "It's a lot cheaper to hire you because you know what you're doing". If you need help, just call. Thanks

Elliott is Pro/Vision 2020

As a marketing firm, we work with all kinds of busineeses. We like our clients. We get to know them personally and work on their behalf to increase their marketshare. On occassion, an issue pops up that requires our opinion. This summer that issue is whether or not to support a Horse Race Trace and Casino business that could potentially be built in Clovis. Elliott Marketing is in full support of the proposed venue and in fact have helped with its marketing video and brochure. We are also a part of Vision 2020. This group of citizens and businesses are actively marketing Clovis as the Best site to the NM Racing Commission. Below is a video we produced to help spread the word that Clovis is ready for the next NM Racino.

Who’s Watching You?

If you've ever wondered who's checking out your business online, Elliott Marketing can help.  We have installed a cool gimzo on the back end of our site that can give us all kinds of cool information.  We learn who the businesses are.  We know where they are located.  We see which pages they have reviewed.  We analyze how long they are on my site.  We can even go as far as finding out who is the probable caller.  Sound a little bit freaky?  Maybe, but the information is valuable when you know who is showing interest in your company.   When I see a guy is looking at my graphic designs and has been on the site for a few minutes, he's pretty interested.  If you are interested in finding out how to learn more about your website traffic, call us.  But we already know who you are!

Old Dog Learns Optimization

We all know the line about teaching an old dog a new trick. But today I enjoyed a webinar about the changes in Google's algorithms and who we should update our websites. Keywords, keyword clusters, and even topic clusters were mentioned. I dutifully jotted down notes and starred things that seemed important. I smiled when he described items that we use in our sites. I realized I am not evil enough to do the things he described as bad judgement. My point is my firm at Elliott Marketing really does our best to stay up with what is considered good SEO. SEO is search engine optimization. It's how people find your site if they type in a word or phrase in the search bar. And it's about where your site is in the Google listing. So, I will say it once again: if you need a website, we make it easy. Check Elliott Marketing examples.

Thankful for…

It is hard to not think about all the people in my life that I am thankful for this time of year. Of course my family is at the top of the list, but many of my clients run a close second. Over 25 years ago I became a media rep for the local cable company. That transitioned into this ad agency in 2002. Many of the people that I helped with local television commercials later became clients of Elliott Marketing. Why? Because I knew them, their goals, their idiosyncrasies, their budgets and their businesses. When I take on a new client now, I find our initial meetings less about the specifics of what we bring to the table, but rather can we be honest and work together? Will there be a mutual respect and camaraderie to be successful together? If we agree on things like that, we've won half the battle. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Tag You’re It!

There are many tips and tricks to boost the reach of your post, but by far the easiest and, arguably, the most beneficial way is to TAG people. Who do you tag? Tag people featured in your picture, people relevant to your business and career field, people that have done a great job, people who are looking for information. These tags will send your post 10x further than one with no tags. Tagging allows more people to see your post. Take it a step further. Not only can you simply tag people in your Facebook comments and pictures, you can also use hashtags and cross tag into other social medium like twitter. Remember on Twitter to ad their identity that looks like @name to the comment so they can see your remarks and hopefully retweet.    

Fitted Branding.

This is a drastic example but it gets the point across. - Roses and sewer line. Doesn't sound like it goes together does it? That's because it doesn't. A brand is the outward expression of what the business is made of as a whole. Therefore, the branding needs to fit the business in all visual aspects. All marketing and design needs to reflect appropriate color, style and message. It needs to be readable and consistent across various mediums: t-shirt stitching, signage, business cards, online advertising, vehicle wrap. Thoughtfulness and clean design choices is crucial when creating the perfect logo of a business, it's a direct representation that needs to be right.


Sprinkle on some clean comedy, your audience remembers a good punchline. That's the point of effective marketing! You want your potential customers to recall your business, to try your product, and to do that you have to catch their attention. What better way than giving them something to giggle about. NOTE: Humor has it's place and has to be pulled off charmingly.

We updated our look.

If you have been to Elliott Marketing's website in the past, you will notice we have a new look.  I hope you like the changes. If you need a new website, or are looking for a website change or update, call us, we make it easy.

Update your look.

Sometimes we all get stuck in a rut, yes, even advertising agencies.  So, to fix that we have launched a new website.  I hope you like what you see.