Eat at Joseph’s

Take at look at the new website,  We recently completed it and are working on another for the same owner.  I guess he likes our work as much as we like his food.  Thank you Joe Campos, and when you're in Santa Rosa NM, check out Joseph's Bar and Grill.

New Google Website Info

Surprise, surprise, the top three ranking signals in Google's search ranking algorithm is content, links and RankBrain. Not necessarily in that order, but content and links are more important ranking signals than RankBrain. If none of this makes sense to you, call us at Elliott Marketing to help.  We understand geek. Google RankBrain

New Clovis Business

Clovis Shuttle is a new business in town!  Elliott Marketing was hired by Terry Poynor, the new owner of Clovis Shuttle Service, the new transportation business in town.  We developed a new logo to brand his company and increase consumer awareness.  Our combined social media and website campaign informed the community that they are ready for business.  Click here to see his new site:

Who I admire.

I love listening to successful people that have built great things. It makes me yearn for more. Elon Musk is one of those people I admire. Here is a cool link. Elon Musk

The Smart Block

Elliott Marketing proudly announces its media partnership with The Smart Block, owned by  Martin and Carol VanBeek.  They are the owner of a new block for lame cows and we have just finished a new video that can be found on youtube or view right here! Thank you Martin and Carol for being such great business partners!

Signs and more signs

Earlier this year, Elliott Marketing was awarded a contract with Cannon Air Force Base to supply the Melrose Bombing range with hundreds of signs for the facility.  Many people think there is only one sign company in town - but that's not the case.  Let us bid your job for street signs, building signs or yard signs.

Fun in Clovis

Sometimes, without really looking we find a gem - something really fun.  That is what I found when I took my grandkids to the Train Museum on 1st St. in Clovis.  The museum lays next to the BNSF train tracks and features rooms and rooms of model trains with tiny villages that move at the command of little red buttons that kids can push.  The children had a great time and were mesmerized by the whole experience.  Give it a try - for young and old alike.

Congratulation on you graduation!

This is the time of year many young enthusiastic people graduate from college with great plans to use their degree and start to earn a living.  If you have a degree in web developing/designing, we have a job opening.  The pay is decent, the work environment is fun and I will even work around your schedule - to a point.  Message me on this site if you are interested in getting started.  thanks, kathy

Merry Christmas

I like to send Christmas cards to my clients and vendors.  In the past, this was an easy task that took an hour for me to sign and label.  This year, with the growth of all of our new website clients, regional accounts and additional friends, it was a full staff project with two additional runs to the store to buy more cards.  I say all this with a heart of thanks as we close out 2014.  Being able to help local businesses with marketing, advertising and website help is truly our pleasure (except for a couple people who are getting coal 🙂 ).  I look forward to a terrific 2015!

Holy Adwords Batman!

Over the past week, Elliott Marketing has been working directly with Google to learn more about the Adwords program.   What initially seems like an easy process has an alter-ego that is very complicated and involved - but extremely worthwhile for our clients.  If you've ever wanted to reach the online shopper through an Adwords program, give us a call.