Bragging Rights

So, there's no place like your own web site to brag a bit.  So I will take this opportunity to relay the information that Elliott Marketing was voted "Best Customer Service" by voters from a local "best of Clovis"  poll.   That award made me smile.  Customer Service is one of those issues that all businesses knows it needs to be succesful, but is so often overlooked in the normal hectic pace of everyday life.  Good customer service isn't the icing on the cake, it is the cake.  You may spend good money on advertising, and that should bring customers through your door, but without the customer service to sell the patron at that point - all else is moot.  And isn't the sale the whole point? at your customers, it's the start of good customer service.

New Web Sites Rock.

New is better! Well sometimes, but today I am talking about our new site that we proudly produced here, on site. If you need a new a web site, we make it simple. Check out  and let us know if you "Like" it!


Welcome to our new website! After some issues that would honestly make you laugh and shake your head, we are back up and going now newer and better! Please look at our different services and call us if you have any questions! Thanks!