Facebook Insight

Have you ever taken of of those FB “tests” that tells you what your Spirit Animal is, or what color is your aura is glowing? Well, I took a personality test that said I was helpful. I didn’t jump up in excitement over being labeled helpful, but in reality it was correct. I am helpful. I see a need and try to help. It’s what I was taught to do as I grew up – be helpful. And that’s what Elliott Marketing does too. We call our company an advertising agency but that is a fance title for being helpful to small businesses. We take the pressure off owners who need help with advertising. My team will help with events, making sure balloons are filled and cakes are delivered. We help with keeping our client’s websites up to date and make sure their social media has new posts. As an owner, I need to stay in business so we charge a little to keep our doors open. But from what my current clients say, “It’s a lot cheaper to hire you because you know what you’re doing”. If you need help, just call. Thanks