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Music Streaming
is the newest
way to advertise!

Music and podcasts are an integral part of everyone's lives, and with our music streaming marketing, we are able to reach a wide array of potential customers. Targeting demographics based on age, music preference, location, etc. is possible with music streaming commercials. We make it easy to create, schedule and run audio ads wherever your customers are listening!

Whether your customers use their smart phone, smart speakers, desktop/laptop computers, vehicles, etc. You select a budget and we'll produce the commercial. It is that simple! Music streaming comes with performance monitoring as well. Each month, we will send you data so you know how your commercial performed. It is a great form of advertising and we are experts in making the most of your money!
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Local Radio allows for
fast advertising!

Elliott Marketing has great relationships with our local radio stations. The benefit of advertising on local radio, rather than streaming is that organic, broad audiences are targeted in a specific area. The reach of audiences is concentrated to your local area. It is great for advertising something you want to get out to a broad audience quickly. Many people listen to their local radio stations while driving, so advertisers are exposing consumers while they are in their vehicles.

Let us utilize our media partnerships with our local radio stations in order to get you the best deal on a radio spot to advertise your business. We've been working with these partners for decades and have the relationships needed to save you money.

Streaming platforms can allow advertisers to speak to listeners far beyond the limits of a traditional radio signal. As listeners shift between different audio content genres and formats. maximizing reach demands that brands ensure they appear in a strategic, . holistic campaign toward their target audiences. Brands can take advantage of partnerships with streaming platforms to leverage insights. These insights can be used to not only recommend content to listeners. but also help advertisers find the audiences most receptive.

This is the same strategy digital advertising has utilized on websites for the last 30 years. By tapping into this valuable data. advertisers can best ensure they are not missing out on high-quality engagement opportunities. Digital audio offers access to a much broader range of content—including news, sports, Jeopardy! style music quiz shows and more—which can help brands target the right listeners. Gone is the spray-and-pray tactic Brands can now identify the specific content types. or channels relevant to their target audience to ensure their messaging reaches listeners. Music streaming. podcasts. radio. musicians. advertising.


Streaming radio services have a strong listener base that continues to grow. They offer benefits online advertising like accessing local, regional, and national audiences.
Music streaming apps such as Spotify, Pandora & iHeartMusic can be accessed from devices. most listeners access these apps from their mobile devices.
For advertisers looking to reach people listening to streaming services from phone. this mobile audience is a gold mine!
The two largest music streaming services, Pandora Radio and Spotify. Also, free ad-supported listening accounts for around 77% of the total number accounts.
No matter your radio advertising budget, we can help you get started running ads on these. also other local radio streaming devices. We’ve highlighted the three most popular streaming services below…