The Bank of Clovis has worked with Kathy Elliott and her team at Elliott Marketing for over 20 years. The level of professionalism and commitment to service has always been outstanding. They are creative, as well as realistic in meeting our objectives for marketing and customer awareness. I believe their efforts help us achieve our desired results on an ongoing basis.
Randy Harris, Chairman & CEO
The Bank of Clovis
The girls at Elliott Marketing make our advertising needs easy. They handle all of our marketing including our website, media placement and advertising. I appreciate their dedication to staying within a budget while giving us excellent results. I highly recommend Kathy and her team.
Laura Leal, Owner
Leal's Mexican Restaurant

Others had this to say...

I have used Elliott Marketing for my business for over 6 years and just can’t say enough about them! They handle our Google listing, website and social media! They are great people who do a great job!
Peggy Burns, Owner
TCP - Trucking Compliance & Permitting
Elliott Marketing is a very professional team that strives for success for all their clients. Collaboration is easy, dedication is obvious, and end results speak for themselves.
Colten Grau, Assistant VP
American Heritage Bank
Elliott Marketing has handled most of our marketing needs. Perhaps the greatest asset to our small business is the development & maintenance of our website. I'm very thankful they've helped our business be successful!
Rusty Galloway, Owner
Red's Sheds

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    Elliott Marketing can guide you to a bright future, one where every interaction is smart and seamless, every process is well planned, and you are your most successful. Every business needs an eye-catching, responsive and user-friendly website. Being online is necessary for a business’ true success these days. Talk to us about your business’ website today!

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    Enjoy the people you work with

    When you work with a team of marketers who know their clients, it makes a great partnership. Elliott Marketing takes the time to find out what our client’s vision is, so we can provide the best success story for you.

    Not only do these blocks serve as our model for consulting, but they’ve created a culture that values team unity and collaboration. We enjoy working together, alongside you, to create solutions for your business.

    We didn’t start in a conference room. Instead, we started on a couch. And we’ve grown our business on a set of three building blocks. Enjoy the people you work with, have fun, and do great work yourself.

    A strong website is like having an employee that never calls in sick and likes to work weekends. You need a website. We make it easy.
    We know where, when & how to reach your desired demographics. Whether it is social, digital, radio, print or TV, we handle it all.
    We build relationships with media, politicians and decision-makers to benefit the needs of our clients locally and statewide.

    Everything begins with an idea.

    Our approach begins with a WHY…Why are you the best in your field? Why do they need to do business with you? You have to give your potential consumer a ‘why’ to get them in your door. Is it a better service, product, price? Determining your why is the foundation to any strong marketing campaign.
    Social Media Marketing
    Social media is where people find their information in today’s society. Having a strong online presence is a necessity to grow a business. We are experts in social media marketing.
    Web Design & Hosting
    A strong website is like having an employee that never calls in sick and likes to work on weekends! You need a website. We do all the work for you.
    Digital Advertising
    Everything is online now. Everyone uses their phone & computer for everything. In order to be seen, advertising online is necessary. We utilize digital advertising to the appropriate demographics. Let us help you succeed!
    Music Streaming/Radio
    Streaming platforms can allow advertisers to speak to listeners beyond the limits of a traditional radio signal. Traditional radio reaches your local audience. Lucky for you, we are experts in dealing with both!
    We love to share our knowledge. No matter what your business need is, you’ve come to the right place to find information you can use.